Frequently asked questions

Please find below answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below. 

1. How can I work for Oxfam in Nepal?

Current jobs with Oxfam in Nepal are advertised on Kantipur daily, The Himalayan Times, and

2. How can I volunteer with Oxfam in Nepal?

We do not generally work through volunteers but in case of emergency, we deploy volunteers from existing partners and working districts.  Priority will be given to the volunteers who are listed in the Oxfam emergency preparedness and deployment roster. 

3. Where can I find detailed information on Oxfam in Nepal’s partners and projects?

In all our actions our goal is to enable people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives. We strive to work with local partners and take a rights-based approach to our development work. For detailed information about our partners’ projects and programmes, please visit What We DoWho We Are, and Accountability.

4. Where can I find research reports and publications of Oxfam in Nepal? 

Research reports and publications can be found under the Policy Papers and stories of change under Stories of our website.

5. How can I participate in Oxfam in Nepal’s campaigning events?

Oxfam campaigns for changes that will make the world safer and more just for its poorest and most vulnerable people. Working with a global team of campaigners and allied organizations and partners, we are currently campaigning in these main areas: gender, land rights, gender and climate change. Local petitions and campaigns can be found under Get involved.   

6. How can my local NGO, CBO or association become a development partner of Oxfam in Nepal?

We encourage you to contact to express your interest in forming a partnership with Oxfam. Your desire for partnering with us should be based on our three thematic programs: Gender Justice, Food and Economic Justice and Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation. We also work in Earthquake Response in seven districts with various local partners.

7. How can I contact a particular Oxfam staff member?

If you are interested in learning more about a particular project or program and would like to contact our program staff members, please let us know via or call 015530574

8. How can I raise a complaint?

Oxfam is an accountable and transparent rights-based INGO. Oxfam believes that stakeholders and members of the public have the right to raise complaints.  We welcome any comment or complaint via our social media channels or .

9. How can I donate to specific project of Oxfam in Nepal? 

Oxfam welcomes and is highly appreciative of donations from local and international supporters to our partners’ projects. Let us know which project you would like to donate to via