“I have no husband. That is why my brother-in-law has twice tried to rape me. One day at 3 am he came where I was sleeping. I went screaming for help to the participants of the discussion class. Thirty-five of them gathered immediately and surrounded his house. He asked for forgiveness,...
San Nani Magarati, an elderly widow from Changunarayan, who lost her house after the earthquake - Credit: Martin Grahovski/Oxfam
Create better and just conditions for single women affected by the earthquake in Nepal, urges a study by Oxfam and Women for Human Rights.
Awareness raising at the Indian border during Migration Day - Credit: Oxfam
What if poverty forces you to migrate for work and you are unable to send your salary back home just because your family lives in a remote place where no banks or remittance service provider can be found?
Community members meet to discuss solutions to the conflict - Credit: Rasna Dhakal/Oxfam
The people of Magaragadi recently breathed a sigh of relief. After ten years, a conflict was resolved by the local Community Land Rights Coordination Committee.
Santa Bahadur Ghimire (second from left), the proud pioneer of eco-san toilets - Credit: Sumeru Tripathee/Oxfam
There was a time when farmer Santa Bahadur Ghimire had to go to the river or jungle to relieve himself. Until he build himself an eco-san toilet.
Bimala Tamang speaks up - Credit: Bed Prasad Dhakal/Oxfam
How a rural woman leader challenges high level officials during a policy dialogue about Oxfam's policy paper Building Back Right...
Saraswati Deula (32) went back to school to complete her studies - Credit: Amuse Communications/Oxfam
Saraswati Deula is President of the Community Discussion Centre in Chitlang-4 of Makwanpur, supported by Oxfam's Women's Leadership Programme. She recently went back to school to complete her studies, and sits tall in a class with children. she believes that women leaders are important and...
Ratni Rana Magar - Credit: Amuse Communications/Oxfam
When Ratni Rana Magar married at the age of fifteen, her life changed drastically. But at the age of twenty, her life took a turn for the better.
Uma Koli  - Credit: Swikriti Sharma/Oxfam
“I feel proud of how society has changed its treatment of a Dalit woman like me," says Uma Koli, a woman farmer who fought discrimination with sheer determination and a little help...
Community Discussion Center in Dailekh. Photo by: Aarati Sharma/Oxfam
The untapped contribution of women is a priority for Oxfam, therefore we put women’s rights at the heart of all our programmes.


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