Securing Food / Grow Campaign

Tika Darlami, 45, weeds her wheat field and collects foliage for her livestock - Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Oxfam's global Grow Campaign aims at creating better ways to grow, share and live together, to help build a future where everyone always has enough to eat. 

Oxfam in Nepal supports this vision by promoting agrarian reform to secure food for poor particularly women and small holder farmers.


  • People living in poverty in the rural areas of Nepal are food secured and protected from the threat of climate change


  • To create favourable policy environment where small holder farmers’, particularly women, can exercise their right to access and utilize resources and services essential to attain their food security


  • Women and Small holder farmers claim and exercise their rights and entitlements related to agriculture, land, food security and climate change
  • Women and Small holder farmers, their networks and alliance influence decision making processes related to agriculture, land, and climate change and food security at local and national level
  • Government agencies formulate, amend and implement food security related policies and programme incorporating the policy recommendations by farmers’ networks and alliance

Thematic Areas

Agriculture and food governance: The campaign aims to increase smallholder and women farmers’ participation in decision-making processes at all levels as well as their access to productive resources and services. For this, Oxfam has been giving emphasis on organising small holder farmers, especially women into groups, cooperatives and federations. Strengthening farmer's group, focusing on their advocacy and voice raising capacity has been one of the priority.

Land Rights: Oxfam has been supporting in organisation and strengthening advocacy capacity of land poor, women and their forums and alliances at different levels. Oxfam aims to work together with land poor, their networks and CSOs to campaign on issues related to implementation of land reforms, women’s land rights and entitlements; and land management. 

Climate Change Adaptation: Oxfam will focus in main streaming adaptation into development planning process from local to national levels, especially by supporting to develop a strategy and guidelines on main streaming climate change adaptation in development planning processes.