single women

An elderly earthquake survivor waits for transport after receiving a Winterisation Kit - Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
Post-earthquake, Oxfam reaches out to the most vulnerable women who are in danger of being left out from reconstruction.
San Nani Magarati, an elderly widow from Changunarayan, who lost her house after the earthquake - Credit: Martin Grahovski/Oxfam
Create better and just conditions for single women affected by the earthquake in Nepal, urges a study by Oxfam and Women for Human Rights.
A woman breaks down when a crowd gathers to watch a digger remove rubble from a collapsed building in Gongabu, Kathmandu - Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam
Women in Nepal are living in fear of abuse because of the lack of privacy and security afforded by temporary shelters, Oxfam said today.
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