Farmers in Nawalparasi district of Nepal have been doubling the yield of paddy after using the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) technology. Read more to find out how it works.
Women in Devichaur who contributed labor to lay out pipes for drinking water. Photo by: Pratima Pokharel/Oxfam
Pratima Pokharel, Kathmandu Some interventions can prevent people from being forced to migrate. An example of reconstructing water systems has just proved the same. In the first week of January, Oxfam received a request from Devichaur Village Development Committee in Lalitpur district to construct...
Bhim Bahadur Tamang has been able to protect his produce with the construction of this granary. Photo by: Arjun Gahatraj/JGSS
Rosan Subedi, Sindhupalchowk Bhim Bahadur Tamang, 42, of Kadambas is a farmer who not only lost his house in April 2015's earthquake but also his granary, food items, and other utensils and goods. Tamang's production of rice, maize and millet had significantly (more than 25 %) gone down...
college students learn new skills to make alternate sanitary napkins
“After the earthquake there were no latrines for us in the school. We would be in the same sanitary cloth for the whole day. And if we felt like it was going to stain our skirts, there was no other option than to go back house..." Read to find out more!
Community members prepare a village map as part of preparing by-laws - Credit: Rasna Dhakal/Oxfam
Land is a prime source of conflict in Nepal. Oxfam helps communities to resolve land conflicts and to increase the access of landless to resources.
Women of Dakchinkali busy in removing mud from Kamal Pokhari -  Credit : Lucia de Vries/Oxfam
When the women of Dakchinkali village restored an ancient pond they unearthed something precious – and a key to the community’s spiritual heritage...
An elderly earthquake survivor waits for transport after receiving a Winterisation Kit - Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
Post-earthquake, Oxfam reaches out to the most vulnerable women who are in danger of being left out from reconstruction.
San Nani Magarati, an elderly widow from Changunarayan, who lost her house after the earthquake - Credit: Martin Grahovski/Oxfam
Create better and just conditions for single women affected by the earthquake in Nepal, urges a study by Oxfam and Women for Human Rights.
Awareness raising at the Indian border during Migration Day - Credit: Oxfam
What if poverty forces you to migrate for work and you are unable to send your salary back home just because your family lives in a remote place where no banks or remittance service provider can be found?