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Oxfam in Nepal
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Dear reader,

Disruptions in 2020 have been many. Unexpected, uncontrolled, unwieldy. Oxfam in Nepal, in the eye of the storm, mobilised its global, national and district resources to create a force of response and to continue to work with communities with regular programming. Our lives continued with the small and big changes that COVID brought us, changes that we had no control over and changes that we could be a part of.

Changing behaviours is among the most challenging aspect of being human, which is why it forms such a fundamental part of social science and of most of the projects that we do. COVID has indeed required massive changes in the behaviour of billions in the world: from wearing masks, to quarantine, restrictions of movement and physical distance. And amongst the most impactful to reduce COVID transmission is hand washing.

Understanding that hand washing is important one thing; making it a systematic, frequent and well done action is another endeavour. Even if one knows that it can save lives, that does not mean that we will do it often and well enough. It’s human nature that our habits are hard to change. And when you face the additional burden of not having safe and accessible water at your house, you feel the stress that you can achieve the right thing for you and your family.

Our COVID and Water governance teams have used years of practice and body of knowledge to set up activities throughout the country that provide the right knowledge on life saving hand-washing activities and that support entire communities to change their habits. Throughout the pages of this newsletter, you will be able to discover this work and be reminded of some key facts about handwashing. We are so proud of the contributions and achievements of our teams.

I take this opportunity to thank all Oxfam and partner colleagues as well as the government and civil society stakeholders and other parts of the organisation that have supported us this year. We all want next year to be healthier and easier, and I trust that we can achieve this together.

Best wishes

Sarah Blin,

Country Director, Oxfam in Nepal