Water Supply Systems in Nepal: How to build better, more sustainable services

Paper author: 
Anjil Adhikari and Tom Wildman
Paper publication date: 
Monday, July 22, 2019

In Nepal, only 25% of water supply schemes are functioning well. 36% need minor repairs and 39% need major repairs, rehabilitation or reconstruction.

While there are several approaches to setting up schemes, there is only one model of ongoing service management – community-based management through local water user committees. This is applied everywhere, from small rural systems to small town systems.

Research has shown that these committees are often unable to operate schemes sustainably. This is because they typically struggle to collect enough money through tariff­s, don’t have the technical capacity to carry out maintenance, and lack accountability or transparency.

Oxfam, international consultant LeFil Consulting and Nepali enterprise SmartPaani set out to explore alternative models while rehabilitating or rebuilding 200 schemes in the Hills districts and implementing two new schemes in the Terai. Find more details in the attached file. 

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