Newsletter | September - October 2019

Paper publication date: 
Friday, November 1, 2019

Starting my journey with Oxfam

This is an exciting moment for me, a time of discovery – new organization, new teams, new projects and a new decentralized Nepal. I am thrilled by what I am hearing and seeing. In each department, I encounter energy, dedication and professionalism. In our three programs, I am struck by the complexity that projects are willing to embrace and the thinking behind project designs. I value the balance we are striking between addressing deep-rooted causes of inequality and poverty and responding to the everyday needs of community. Different affiliates and colleagues at Oxfam International whom I have interacted with, have expressed their compliments on the fact that Nepal is a high performing office. We all should be very proud of this fact. For me, it means that Oxfam in Nepal can offer a lot to the organization globally and that the global organization trusts and support us. I am taking all this positive energy with me as I gradually take on the full span of my role. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience since I joined. Oxfam in Nepal have been fantastic as inductors and this will help me greatly in being your conductor!

Sarah Blin, Country Director for Oxfam in Nepal