Newsletter | May - June 2020

Paper publication date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed what for me is one of the most heartbreaking face of poverty – migrants displaced from their place of livelihoods, returning to their homes and families exhausted and stressed, placed in quarantine sites without even basic facilities for a dignified stay. Behind each of the thousands of individuals lies a story, a life, a struggle. In the last weeks, Oxfam has done its best to alert the humanitarian community on our duty to respond to this tragedy, trying to raise funds and to accelerate information gathering. We have limited resources – so I have been reminded of how important it is to rely on others to have an impact. In the newsletter you will see how much our partners have achieved with the support of the COVID response team in equipping quarantine facilities, changing individual behaviors to protect communities against infection and supporting the most vulnerable families with cash. During this period, our regular work has continued, as this is usually a period of administrative tasks, spiced up by the start of a journey towards feminist leadership. Thank you for your commitment and enjoy your read.

Thank you!