Newsletter | Jan - Feb 2019

Paper author: 
Sofila Vaidya
Paper publication date: 
Thursday, February 21, 2019

More than ever, we at Oxfam, are advocating for putting an end to inequality in Nepal. Recently we launched ‘Fighting Inequality in Nepal’ report which works as a testament to show current scenario of the country where 8.1 million Nepalis live in poverty. Without the concerned effort to tackle inequality and pursue policies that benefit the many rather than the richest few, the poorest and most marginalized Nepalis will continue to be excluded from progress.

We believe that this report will seek to take stock of the context and drivers of inequality in Nepal, and offer evidence based recommendations that can support the government’s commitment to tackle inequality. Oxfam is ever ready to support in building a more equal country that leaves nobody behind, Nepal must act now to put the right policies in place, and enable citizens and social movements to advocate for progressive change and hold decisions makers to account.

As an advocate for fighting inequality, we believe we all can join hands in creating equal opportunities for everybody leading to prosperity.