Mahakali Sambhad

A Civil Society Organization lead Dialogue in Mahakali basin

Paper publication date: 
Thursday, October 8, 2020

Mahakali is a river flowing along Nepal-
India border. It separates the two countries
geographically in most of the places. This
basin area of the river spreads in 15,640 square
kilometers, and of which, 5,037 kilometers of
area lies in Nepal. Around 47 percent of that area
is covered by forests and it has seven wetlands
within the area.
Dialogue (“Sambad” in Nepali) is a discussion
conducted on certain subject matters
and situations, during which, debates and
conversations on the matter is carried out
between two or more than two parties. This also
acts as a platform to share news, information
about current affairs and ongoing occurrences.
Therefore, the practice of dialogue is also
accepted as a form of teaching and learning
method. Thus, a comprehensive purpose of
dialogue is to make things clear on certain
matters and share them amongst each other, so
that, issues discussed in the dialogue is settled in a
meaningful way.
The Mahakali Dialogue is made of these two words-
Mahakali and Dialogue. In Nepali, it is termed as
Mahakali Sambad. The problems of people living
in both Nepal and India across Mahakali River
are identifi ed in this dialogue process. Mahakali
Dialogue conduct intense debates on these issues
and, it takes initiatives to solve them. Sometimes
community people from one side discuss the matter
and conduct joint meetings of citizens from both
the sides. When they sit together to discuss about
the common problems of the border, they forget
about their national identity and work together to
fi nd common solutions. Therefore, Mahakali Sambad
has now become a common and effective forum to
discuss similar problems facing locals living in the
bordering areas.