Paper author: 
Oxfam in Nepal
Paper publication date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2020

Dhangadi Declaration is a joint commitment of local government, CSOs and private sectors and riverine communities from Nepal. The Dhangadhi Declaration has set priorities unanimously for all the concerned stakeholders such as the private sector, local representatives, the media, Oxfam Nepal, Oxfam head office, TROSA partners, INJAF, and, most importantly, provincial and local governments of TROSA districts. They have committed to work together to support the communities inhabiting the Mahakali basin. People from countries have accordingly been found to be proactive in reconciling the unmanaged Mahakali river issues together at their capacities ever since TROSA intervention. The reinforcement of the provincial and local governments to conduct community-based activities in a transparent partnership has supported the Declaration. The INJAF commitment to bring the issue to the political level of India brings further hopes of furthering the cause.

The Dhangadhi Declaration consists of the following six points.

1. We commit to addressing trans-boundary water issues and improve the livelihood of the vulnerable communities of the Mahakali river basins in Nepal and India through appropriate policies and programs.

2. We commit to setting up and implement institutional policies by conducting research on topics such as appropriate utilization of river resources, conservation of bio-diversity and rights of

river basin communities, and so forth for the effective implementation of community centric plans and sustainable management of the river.

3. We commit to playing an effective role towards collaboration and cooperation with the local government for improved water governance and the overall development of vulnerable communities living in the Mahakali river basin.

4. We commit to working in cooperation with civil society organizations and government and non-government actors to empower and ensure the water rights of vulnerable women along the Mahakali river basin.

5. We commit to setting up Federal and Provincial Level Expert Commissions on the Mahakali River basin in consultation with concerned stakeholders for the conservation, utilization and overall development of the Mahakali River.

6. We commit to urging the Government of Nepal to set up a Trans-boundary Mahakali River Commission as provisioned in the Mahakali Treaty between Nepal and India for the conservation, utilization and overall development of the Mahakali River.

The Dhangadhi Declaration has ultimately provided a platform for government, political leaders, CBOs and other stakeholders to advocate for the Mahakali riverine issues based on the ground reality.