Masonry Training

Oxfam in Nepal has been providing masonry training across seven earthquake affected districts. These pictures were taken in Sindhupalchowk where 145 people from Kunchowk, Tatopani, Hagam, Pangtang, and Chokati village development committees were trained in May-June 2016.  Out of the total trained, 43 were female. The objective of the training was to enhance capacity of the local masons on building earthquake-resistant structures, at the same time increase their livelihood opportunity as certified skilled masons. 

Photos by: Binny Pradhan/Oxfam

  • These participants of the masonry training at Hagam village development committee in Sindhupalchowk are now certified masons. 

  • At  Kunchowk village development committee, the participants clear a site after carrying out the construction works. 

  • Masons no longer need to be only males. Women have shown equal participation at the masonry trainings. 

  • At  Pangtang village development committee, women apply their masonry skills to cut iron rods.

  • Trainees listening from their trainers the importance of installing bands to make earthquake-resistant structures

  • Before starting the training, the participants sat for a pre-test session, where they were asked what they knew about construction.