Glimpses - Oxfam's response to COVID-19 in Nepal

Oxfam is deeply concerned about how the poorest and most vulnerable people will be hit by the coronavirus –at home and in places where there isn’t much protection from it spreading, medical care for people who are sick, or ways to deal with the loss of income.

Drawing on learning from Oxfam’s responses to public health emergencies with a strong community engagement component, in combination with existing knowledge and expertise in gender, public health promotion, water and sanitation, community-based protection and interpersonal communication and digital technology, we will work to ensure that poor, vulnerable and marginalized people are protected against the impacts of COVID-19. We will engage with and support communities, with a focus on women and vulnerable groups (elderly, person with disability, marginalized minorities). Using a flexible approach to ensure that our support will be both preventive and responsive to evolving communities' needs.

Oxfam in Nepal with support from local partners is raising awareness amongst community people about the prevention of virus. Various Information, Educational and Communication materials in line with government is being distributed. Miking of the messages in the communities is being done for sensitization along with dissemination of messages through radio jingles and public service announcements in local languages.

In collaboration with local partners, Oxfam also distributed hand hygiene products and Personal Protective Equipment at the municipality level to further support health posts, isolation centers, quarantine centers and security agencies.