Oxfam in Nepal signs MoU with Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Management to Work together on Water source reclamation and Protection

On 2079/03/24 Oxfam in Nepal signed an MOU with Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Management (DWSSM) to work together with the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation’s campaign “Source Reclamation” in Khalla , Musetti, and Tundhikhel of Ward no. 9 in Bhimdutta Municipality of Kanchanpur district. The “Source Reclamation” campaign aims to make water sources on the ground climate resilient and deploy scientific measures to revive water sources that have dried up.

The MoU signed between Oxfam in Nepal and DWSSM assigns roles and responsibilities between the two parties and lays down the foundation for working together for Source Reclamation Campaign.  As per the MoU, DWSSM will be responsible for preparation of D.P.R (Detail Project Report) and procurement for the construction process, while Oxfam in Nepal will be responsible for technical support and monitoring.

Oxfam in Nepal has been working in the field of WASH, &DRR since its establishment in the 1980s and in Climate Resilience for over a decade now.  

Oxfam in Nepal and Kathmandu University have also published a book titled, “Spring Source Enhancement: A Hydrogeological Mapping Approach” in 2015 AD. The book discusses in detail regarding the required hydrogeological studies and techniques for reclamation/revival of a spring source.