Earthquake Response

Fourteen thousand people who were displaced by the earthquakes of 2015 are getting support jointly from Oxfam in Nepal and the National Reconstruction Authority. Oxfam and its partners are working with the government in eight different earthquake-affected districts to help these people to either...
Temporary shelters in Kerauja
A travelogue to Kerauja of Gorkha district where people have been doubly hit by earthquake and landslide.
Oxfam volunteer Shekhou Khadka (23) works to off load latrines being delivered to the Tundikhel IDP camp in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is one of 500 volunteers trained to react in the event of an earthquake during the urban risk management program - Aubrey Wade/Oxfam
In the span of a year, Oxfam in Nepal and its local partners provided life saving support to close to half a million people across seven districts in the wake of the devastating 2015 earthquake. Oxfam works in seven of the 14 most affected districts: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Nuwakot, Dhading...
The female friendly toilets in Khoplang, Gorkha - Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
In Nepal countless adolescent girls stop going to school when they have their monthly period. Oxfam is supporting them with female friendly toilets.
Woman mason in Gorkha district - Credit: Abdullah Ampilan/Oxfam
In a workforce dominated by men, I was surprised to see two ladies in the training of masons in Gorkha district. I went with the WASH team to witness their activities in the field particularly in Saurpani, a remote VDC of Gorkha, one of the worst affected districts by the 2015 earthquake.
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