WEC members discussing on flood early warning communication
Introduction Mahakali a Himalayan catchment of Ghagra sub basin of the large Ganga Basin, originates from the Trans Himalayan region of Kalapani (>3600 m) and ultimately drains through the Terai plains of Uttar Pradesh. Numerous rivers and streams join the Mahakali from the higher, middle, lower...
Fourteen thousand people who were displaced by the earthquakes of 2015 are getting support jointly from Oxfam in Nepal and the National Reconstruction Authority. Oxfam and its partners are working with the government in eight different earthquake-affected districts to help these people to either...
Demand for reconstruction grant
A certain section of landless people in Nepal are now entitled to reconstruction grant to rebuild their houses that were affectd by the earthquakes of 2015. They had been deprived from the reconstruction grant as they could not produce land ownership certificates. Oxfam in Nepal and its partners...
Temporary shelters in Kerauja
A travelogue to Kerauja of Gorkha district where people have been doubly hit by earthquake and landslide.
Bimala Tamang speaks up - Credit: Bed Prasad Dhakal/Oxfam
How a rural woman leader challenges high level officials during a policy dialogue about Oxfam's policy paper Building Back Right...
Uma Koli  - Credit: Swikriti Sharma/Oxfam
“I feel proud of how society has changed its treatment of a Dalit woman like me," says Uma Koli, a woman farmer who fought discrimination with sheer determination and a little help...
Nirmala Mahara now can play and work in the day and study at night - Anjil Adhikari
Nirmala Mahara did not get time to play with friends, since she had to complete her household tasks before dark, and study too. But things changed when a micro-hydro plant got contructed in her village.
Representatives from Nepal during a cultural event - Kami Images
Rural women leaders Narmada, Tika and Pampha get a chance to attend a SAARC meeting in Pakistan and Oxfam travels with them.
Oxfam volunteer Shekhou Khadka (23) works to off load latrines being delivered to the Tundikhel IDP camp in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is one of 500 volunteers trained to react in the event of an earthquake during the urban risk management program - Aubrey Wade/Oxfam
In the span of a year, Oxfam in Nepal and its local partners provided life saving support to close to half a million people across seven districts in the wake of the devastating 2015 earthquake. Oxfam works in seven of the 14 most affected districts: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Nuwakot, Dhading...
The female friendly toilets in Khoplang, Gorkha - Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
In Nepal countless adolescent girls stop going to school when they have their monthly period. Oxfam is supporting them with female friendly toilets.


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